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A sunny day in a manufactured home park.

Manufactured Structure FAQs

I want to sell (or buy) a manufactured structure, tiny home, or park model. What paperwork do I need? If it is a manufactured structure, you would need form 2952. You may also need additional forms, depending on the situation. See our transaction guide for more information. If it is a park model or tiny home, you will need to fill out the Tiny Home/Park Model Homes Transfer Form.
How do I add my manufactured structure as real property/de-title?This is a process that is usually required by your lender or maybe you are getting ready to sell and your realtor has recommended you do this before listing it. We can help you with this process. Give us a call or come into the office to discuss your situation. For more information here is our checklist.
I demolished my manufactured structure and would like it removed from taxation.It is important for us to know when it was demolished. January 1st is the assessment day. If it was there on or after Jan 1st it will be taxed for that tax year. In other words, you will get a tax bill in the fall following the assessment date. Once those taxes are paid, we can remove it from taxation.
If a manufactured structure is selling after July 1st do taxes need to be pre-paid?No, the only time we collect a prepayment of taxes is if the home moves out of Benton County between Jan 1st and tax certification (October)
Are manufactured structures taxed differently than other property?No, we tax manufactured structures as real property. We may call them personal property, but they are treated the same as real property
I bought a new Manufactured structure, when will I see the tax bill?The assessment date is Jan 1st. If the home was placed after that date, it will not get taxed until the following year. For example, if the home was placed in March 2022 and you buy it in August of 2022, you won’t get a tax bill until October 2023 because the assessment date would be January 1st 2023.

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