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    Sales Questionnaire

    Survey Instructions

    The following survey is broken out into categories. The survey will be fairly quick and simple.

    There are fields that are required to be filled in. They are indicated by an asterisk”*”. These fields are in the General Information category and will allow us to make sure we have correctly identified the property that has sold.

    Within each category there may be fields you can fill in, drop down Section Title links with arrows, radio buttons or check boxes. Clicking on a Section Title link will allow you to expand the survey to include more detailed information. If you have clicked a Section Title link that expands the survey, you can simply click on the category line and the expanded portion of the survey will be hidden again. Clicking on a radio button will only allow you to enter or click one option. Check boxes allow you to select multiple options. Fill-in fields allow you to enter text explanation.

    General Information

    Special Factors

    If the price included any of the following, please estimate the value.

    Property Usage


    Property Appraisal

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