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Once you have started the return, you MUST finish the entire return as you will NOT be able to save and come back to the return, so make sure you have everything you need to file before you start.

Image of Benton County folder on website to start Business personal property return.

The electronic return form is very similar to the paper version, however, please read all of the instructions on the form very carefully. Below are images of the add button and remove button for each of the sections on the return where you will add or remove assets.

Image of add item and remove off of website

Be careful when filling out these two sections.

Leased Assets need to have the lessee/lessor responsibility filled out.

Image of personal property return on showing where to add leased assets and that the lessor or lessee boxes have to be checked.

Non-Inventory supplies is not the lump sum of all of your assets these are other supplies used to run your business (ie: paper, pens, supplies that are replaced when used)

image of Schedule 2 non-inventory supplies section of Business personal property return on website.

Fill out the required fields at the bottom of the forma nd click on Submit form when done.

Image of taxpayer declaration box on Business Personal Property return on website.

In your yearly folder you will see a message that you have submitted your return. If you realize you made an error on your return, you can click on the Start Return button and start over.

Image of personal property folder on showing that a return has already been filed.

If you would like to have your tax statements mailed to you in paper form you will need to:

• Complete your return and submit it

• Go back to the dashboard

• Select Manage profile

• Click the red unsubscribe button

Image of webpage showing where to unsubscribe from electronic statements.

Please remember if you don’t unsubscribe after you file your return your tax bills will come electronically.

• If you have lost your authorization code or have filing questions please contact: Benton County Department of Assessment via email: or telephone at 541-766-6269.

• For password issues, or functionality issues with eNoticesOnline please to, or you can submit a ticket from the help menu on the eNoticesOnline homepage.

Image of login page on webpage showing where help portal is located.
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