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What deferral programs may I apply for?

There are two deferral programs, one of which you may qualify for.

  • The disabled citizens’ deferral is for Oregon homeowners, under age 62, who are collecting federal Social Security benefits.
  • The senior citizens’ deferral is for Oregon homeowners, over the age of 62.

Application rules are:

  • Either husband or wife may apply, or both may apply jointly.
  • Two or more people (other than a married couple) may apply for deferral as joint owners.
  • You may apply for a deferral if you have a veteran’s exemption and still have property taxes to pay.
  • You may be living away from the property due to medical reasons. In this case you must send a medical statement to the Oregon Department of Revenue (DOR). It must be on letterhead from your health care provider.
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